Wp Smush Pro Plugin For WordPress

The fastest, comfortable & best-performing image compression plugin for the WordPress. Wp Smush Pro automatically optimize & resize every image in any directory to save space and speed up your website with WP Smush Pro.

Wp Smush Pro Plugin For WordPress
Wp Smush Pro Plugin For WordPress


Pros Of Wp Smush Pro Plugin For WordPress:

  • Automatically optimize the images on upload
  • Bulk smush all images on your website
  • Process GIF, JPEG & PNG
  • Smush any image in any directory
  • Lossless compression option
  • Image resize
  • Super-Smush Lossy Compression
  • Smush original images
  • WP Offload S3 compatible
  • Lossy compression with light quality loss
  • Global Smush Settings for Multisite
  • Preserve EXIF data
  • NextGEN Gallery compatible
  • Supports WP Retina 2x Plugin
  • Keep original images
  • Smush images up to 32MB
  • Dedicated smushing servers
  • WPML media compatible
  • HTTPS support
  • Convert PNG to lossy JPEG
  • Strip unused colors from indexed images
  • Compress individual images
  • Tracks progress and total savings
  • Fast asynchronous compression

Download Wp Smush Pro Plugin For WordPress

[downloads url=”https://ghwdownload.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Wp-Smush-Pro-Plugin-For-WordPress.zip” Size=”667 KB”]