YaCy Search Engine Tool

YaCy is a free search engine tool to free download.  This search engine tool enables the user to build a search portal either for their intranet or to help public internet. YaCy can index millions of webpages but limited by the number of users in the world. You are also able to integrate a portal of YaCy on your webpage by changing in a source code. The program does not run by a private or public company or individual, you can simply rely on it without any evidence.  All the users of the program are equal because it is fully decentralized. No one can make any change on your search content and it is not possible to censor the content of the shared index by any one user.

The tool requires java program to be installed on your computer for working. The tool has a unique interface that attract the user. The latest version of the tool is YaCy 1.82.20150121.9000 that can help you to construct a portal for search on your webpage. You can download the program freely from our website totally free without the fear of any creepy thing. Enjoy the free search engine by just installing it.

YaCy Search Engine

Download YaCy Search Engine Tool Free

[downloads url=”https://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/yacy/yacy/0.46/yacy_v0.46_20060823_2442.exe?r=https3A2F2Fsourceforge.net2Fprojects2Fyacy2Ffiles2Flatest2Fdownload&ts=1533208838″ Size=”7.2 MB”]