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Free Download The Latest Version of Zerodha Trading Software: Start Trading Forex & Stocks!

Download Zerodha Software and start trading Forex and Stocks! Rich trading performance, technical market evaluation, copy trading, and automated trading are the exciting features that you could get free by downloading Zerodha Software.

Zerodha Trading Software — by India’s leading stockbroker “Zerodha” — features an intuitive and customizable workflow that perfectly aligns the way you trade. Whether your trading plan is straightforward or complicated, place it into actions together with the Zerodha Software® which makes advanced tools and complex trading deals, super easy and successful.

About Zerodha Trading Software

Download Zerodha Trading Software

Zerodha Trading Software is a Windows application software for trading Forex, Stocks, analyzing financial markets, and getting professional insight into the trading business. Trading Signals, Trading Marketplace, and Mobile Trading are the key elements of Zerodha which significantly enhance your Forex trading expertise.

This free trading Windows application by Zerodha covers all the basic and advanced needs of traders to successfully trade in the market. The program provides a wide range of trading opportunities – advanced technical evaluation, flexible trading platform, expert advisors, algorithmic trading, and mobile trading tools.

Features of Zerodha Software:

  • A total set of trading requests for flexible Forex, Stocks, and securities trading
  • Two-position accounting methods: netting and hedging
  • An infinite number of graphs with timeframes and background of quotations;
  • Technical evaluation with built-in technical indicators
  • A fundamental investigation based on economic information
  • Forex trading store
  • Strong algorithmic trading using all the built-in MQL5 development
  • Trading Signals & Keep tabs on important market events
  • Forex VPS
  • Use all of the innovative trading and evaluation tools while trading Forex and Stocks!

Download Zerodha Trading Software

In a marketplace of rising automation, you need to create smarter, quicker, and more powerful trading decisions — if you are a trading manager, a hedge fund, or even a corporate. It is an adaptable trading platform that provides you with easy access to rich information and intelligent tools.