Free Download Azhagi+ Transliteration Windows Application

Free Download the latest version of Azhagi Tamil typing software for Windows PC. Download Azhagi “Tamil Typing Software” for Windows PC, and instantly transliterate English text into Tamil and vice versa.

Azhagi Software Download

Free Download Azhagi Tamil Typing Software

Azhagi is a freeware transliteration Windows application used to convert the words into regional languages such as Tamil, Hindi and other Indian languages. The tool can perform a variety of transliterations either inside its own interface or in any edition of Microsoft Word.

The application will let you write in Tamil in just about any application (such as Firefox and Google Chrome) by simply pressing the F10 key. By pressing F10 again you’ll use the English keyboard.

Azhagi may also transliterate from Tamil to English (inverse transliteration). The program comprises a Unicode converter which will facilitate the process of sharing any text composed in Tamil over the web.

Azhagi Software Download: What To Expect?

Azhagi assists the user to create and edit contents in many Indian languages such as Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Sanskrit, Malayalam, Marathi, Telugu, Konkani, Gujarati, Bengali, Oriya, Assamese, and Punjabi without having to know typing in these languages – together with support for various programming modes and several keyboard layouts.

Azhagi Software

What’s New In This Latest Version:

  • Azhagi possesses its own display for typing contents in any Hindi language. The user can select a double screen or one display for transliteration.
  • It provides Portable Support so that you may use it in the pen-drive itself.
  • There’s Dynamic in-built Aid for keymappings of languages
  • Voice input
  • Easily type messages – in Whatsapp, Facebook, etc
  • Support for 24 Indian languages – Tamil, English, Hindi, Arabic, Urdu, Sanskrit, Telugu, Oriya, Kannada, Malayalam, Gujarati, Bengali, Sinhala, etc.
  • Numerous keyboards – Phonetic, Inscript, etc.
  • Power-packed with dozens of features
  • Change present key mappings, make your new keyboard designs, transliterate from ANY font, etc.

Azhagi Software Download

Download Azhagi Software for Windows PC

Here you can download the latest version of Azhagi – the Azhagi+ 10.45 version for 2019/2020 free of cost. This free PC program can be used with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, 32-bit and 64-bit version.