Download Hyperdesktop2 for Free

Hyperdesktop2 is capable of capturing screenshots of your desktop and upload it instantly to Imgur, with a minimum quantity of effort.

The upper hand of a portable app

It is a transferable program, and it is necessary to mention that it does not leave any mark in Registry of Windows, and you can easily transfer on USB and any other devices, and you want to take snapshots you can easily take it where want you.
Picture types supported file types and uploading it to Imgur

Easy uploading, screenShots, and quick conversions 

Hyperdesktop2 gives options to take a screenshot of whole screen or selected area.You can use a mouse to use fixed region adjustment.Only a few configurable specifications when it comes to editing to produce snapshots, As you select or choose the pen size and color. However, its lack of eraser or Undo button.
You can easily save screenshots in your system’s drive by specifying the saving directory and choose the file format like PNG, BMP or JPEG or you have uploaded it directly to Imgur. And it can also create automatic links with screenshots. Which quickly accessed from primary panel.

Upload items to an FTP server and tweak a few other parameters

Images can upload on a public server, where you want to assign the URL, FTP address, username password, and remote path. The program provides time approximation, for complete the uploading job.
Also, you can create the application to run at Windows startup, copy the links which generated to the clipboard, Sound effects remain on top of others programs, and edited screenshots after it was taken.Hotkeys also, get-at-able for clarifying the whole process, and they can easily be reassigned.
You can upload images to your computer to Imgur only dragging and dropping them into the main window. Or using default browser functions

You can easily download hyperdesktop2 for free from the link here.

Final Words

In the end, we can say that Hyperdesktop2 gives a very high quality of output and not heavy for system resources.It is best for beginners or professionals both, and the reaction time is excellent.

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