Download SQL Dumper V8.0 For Windows 7/8/10

Download SQL Dumper V8.0 For Windows 7/8/10. The latest version of SQL Dumper is v8.5 and the previous version is v7.0. SQL Server Dumper allows you to dump the selected SQL Server database tables into the SQL Insert statements, that are preserved as local .sql files & contain all the data needed to create the duplicate table or to be used for the backup purposes. You can select to create an individual .sql file for the each table or combine all the chosen tables into a single file.

SQL Dumper tool special features:

  • Foreign Keys – order tables in the text file in order to insert the data without the collisions/errors.
  • Reference to itself – excludes the constraint & at the end create it again Try this On NorthWind database that comes with the SQL Server by default.
  • Primary Key Identity – guarantees the value of the Identity field.

Version 2 enables to dump SQL queries & features interface enhancements. So Download SQL Dumper V8.0 For Windows 7/8/10 from the given below downloading link.

Download SQL Dumper V For Windows

Download SQL Dumper V8.0 For Windows 7/8/10

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