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Download TrafficPhire because it allows you to automate a big part of your outreach. If you desire to promote your site or new content to other business it can be very time utilizing filling out contact forms. TrafficPhire listens for users on a Twitter & fills out their site contact form with your custom message if it thinks they will be interested in your product or service.


How does TrafficPhire?

TrafficPhire works by utilizing the Twitter Streaming API and tuning in for an arrangement of keyords you indicate to choose if the client making a tweet is keen on your item or administration. For instance in the event that you offer a WordPress benefit you would set WordPress as your watchword (you can have numerous) at that point when any individual who tweets about wordpress is found by PhireTraffic it will check their profile for a connection to their site at that point take after the connection and populate their sites contact frame with your message in regards to your administration.

Why use TrafficPhire?

TrafficPhire can discover you lazer targetted specialty related sites and get in touch with them on auto pilot every minute of every day. TrafficPhire is fit for sending a huge number of messages every day and creating you gigantic measures of traffic. Gracious no doubt, also…its 100 FULL and FREE.


Download TrafficPhire