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Xpadder 5.7 Latest Version:

Xpadder 5.7 is a useful tool that has power to emulate keyboard and mouse using joystick controller. This is mainly used for playing games with low or no controller support at all. Xpadder can be used in web browsers, media players, or nearly any other software. Xpadder is able to work with 16 controllers in the same time and if a controller is compatible with it. Xpadder can select a button to make controller rumble and vibrate.

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Xpadder 5.7 Latest Version Features:

  • Supports Windows Vista, XP, 7 and 8.
  • Works on both 32 and 64 bits versions of Windows.
  • Full keyboard and mouse simulation.
  • Supports Multiplying. Works with up to 16 controller same time.
  • Rumble force feedback and complex fine tuning options.
  • Create a layout of any controller compatible with Windows OS.
  • Multi profiles administration using shareable files.
  • Developed for Gamepads, Joysticks and Arcade Sticks.
  • Compatible with dance mats, steering wheels, drum kits, guitar and many more.

Download Xpadder 5.7 Latest Version:

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