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What Works NOW for 2019, 2018 was such a fabulous learning experience for me. Yes, even after 11+ years doing this, I still learn new things. In fact, I learn new things every, single day. Thank goodness – or else I would be super bored of this business haha!

2018 presented me with quite a few challenges in my personal life. Our health is fine, our marriage is fine – nothing devastating like that – it was more that life just continued to throw me ‘curve balls’. While I’m not going to go deep into ALL the stuff that has happened, I’ll give you an example… Within almost 4 months, BOTH of my cats passed away (both from old age – but quite heartbreaking for me). We all have life challenges like that – things that take the wind out of you for a while – and make it really hard to work and be creative.

I imagine you’re nodding your head because you know exactly what I mean, right? As someone who insists on finding the positive in any situation, this past year has also blessed me with perspective… AND… Being about to SEE what works NOW when I can’t work, when I have NO motivation TO work, or when I have very limited time to get any work done has been a wonderful experience. What you’ll find in this year’s What Works NOW guide is a collection of tips and tricks and strategies and tools that have worked beautifully FOR me when *I* am NOT working. And/or they have made my time more efficient,my work easier and my results better when I AM working. These tips below are in no particular order.