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Are you ready to experience the next level of gameplay in Roblox? Thanks to the dedicated efforts of the Roblox gaming community, we’re here to introduce you to the latest update to FPS (Frames Per Second) Unlocker. This powerful tool, long valued by Roblox enthusiasts, now boasts added support for Roblox’s innovative 64-bit Hyperion-protected client.FPS Unlocker

What’s New in the FPS Unlocker?

The new FPS Unlocker introduces an ‘Unlock Method’ setting, offering three distinct options:

  1. Hybrid (Default): A user-friendly approach that enables the Memory Write method for Roblox Studio, the Windows store app, and the 32-bit client. For Roblox’s new 64-bit client, the Flags File method is enabled.
  2. Memory Write: This traditional unlocking method works by scanning and modifying the memory of running Roblox processes to unlock FPS. While Roblox’s latest anti-cheat update can make this method more challenging, it’s still a feasible approach. A word of caution: use this method at your own risk with the new 64-bit client. Despite precautions taken to maintain compatibility with Hyperion, there remains a risk of detection and errors.
  3. Flags File: A completely noninvasive method that sets the DFIntTaskSchedulerTargetFps flag in <roblox_version_path>/ClientSettings/ClientAppSettings.json. This method cannot change the cap while the game is running but provides a safe and robust solution.

These new features would not have been possible without the input and insights of our community members Raspy_Pi and pizzaboxer, who informed us about the Flags File method.

Why Choose FPS Unlocker?

The updated FPS Unlocker offers players an optimal Roblox experience by allowing them to adjust the game’s frame rate. The default frame rate limit in Roblox can sometimes hinder the player’s experience, particularly in high-action sequences where every millisecond counts. The FPS Unlocker tool gives you the power to push the boundaries of Roblox’s performance to match your gaming needs and hardware capabilities.


  1. Is FPS Unlocker safe to use? – While the Memory Write method may present a risk with the new 64-bit client due to Roblox’s anti-cheat protections, the Flags File method provides a noninvasive, safer alternative.
  2. How do I choose between the three Unlock Methods? – The Hybrid method is recommended for most users as it automatically adjusts based on your Roblox client. Advanced users may prefer to manually select between the Memory Write and Flags File methods based on their specific requirements.
  3. Can I change the FPS cap while the game is running? – Only the Memory Write and Hybrid methods allow for real-time changes to the FPS cap. The Flags File method does not support this feature.

Embrace the new era of Roblox gaming with the updated FPS Unlocker. Unleash the power of your Roblox experience and dive into a world of smoother gameplay, sharper graphics, and unmatched performance. The FPS Unlocker is here to ensure you experience Roblox at its very best. Ready to unlock the future of Roblox gaming?


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